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Terms and Conditions


To place your order, you choose the item that you wish to purchase and add it to your shopping cart. Then, proceed to the checkout page where you fill in your personal information and pay for the order. Make sure to complete all steps in the payment procedure when paying so that we are able to capture the amount and ship your order. If money has been captured from your account, the order has reached us and will be processed by our warehouse.

Payment methods

You can choose to pay with credit or debit cards.

Change or cancel 

Please contact our customer service as soon as possible in order for us to change or cancel your order before it is shipped.


The shipping price includes all of fees necessary to send your package. We take care of each package whit care so that it will reach you in pristine condition. We allow handling time of up to 3-5 business day shipment made via Mpl Post  unless other courier is stated between distributor and consumer. We will send you an e-mail including shipment tracking ID which can be tracked online.

Return instructions

As a customer, you have the right to return and receive a full refound or exchange of any purchased products within 30 day of receiving your order. Please note that the products must be in its original condition.

Our return adress is: Phonedika-store Kft. 6500 Hungary, Baja Szenes u 10.